Business is Personnel.

At Considine Search, we understand that your business is only as good as the people who work for you. Our goal is not only to find you the best potential candidates, but candidates who will fit your culture and contribute to your business objectives long-term.

By focusing on a select number of clients in the legal, compliance and technology industry segments, we are uniquely positioned to offer the highest level of friendly, personal service to address your hiring needs in the most timely and efficient manner. As a boutique search firm, we do not limit ourselves to only working with the largest law firms and businesses. Many of our clients are boutique firms like us who also demand excellence in their employees.

Communication is paramount. We make ourselves available to clients outside normal business hours because we understand that most businesses today operate around the clock. We offer individualized attention to both our clients and candidates and are available for consultations 24/7.

Our dedicated team of search consultants includes industry veterans with first-hand knowledge of the legal, compliance, financial, and technology industries and successful track records of completing searches in these fields. These consultants invest a great deal of time and conduct “behind the scenes” research to learn about your business, new hiring trends and regulations that might impact your industry, and the types of candidates most likely to fit a particular role.

Our priority is saving you time by not having you sift through resumes from unqualified candidates. We know that most qualified candidates are not found through advertising responses or by running search terms through a database. At Considine Search, our search consultants reach out and directly target not only active candidates but also passive candidates who are not proactively engaged in a job search.

We use a wide range of new and traditional mediums to reach the best candidates. More importantly, we maintain a visible presence in our industry sectors, networking in real-time settings with peers, clients and candidates to ensure that we always have access to a fresh, well-rounded pool of candidates and candidate referrals.

Many times the way a company staffs its employees has a direct impact on business profitability. Other times, an employee might not yet even be aware that an employer is seeking a replacement for his/her position. Because of these and many other considerations, we understand the need for the utmost confidentiality.

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