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We are relationship builders in the legal industry.

We’re here to help you accomplish your unique career goals. We are passionate about building bridges in our professional community, which is why we prioritize long-term relationships with our select group of clients. We take the stress out of searching so you can continue in your professional and personal growth. 

Kevin Considine

“The Hustler”

Kevin is a hustler. And he knows how to create remarkable relationships.

Malcolm Gladwell contends you need 10,000 hours of practice to become successful in one’s field. Kevin has over 30,000 hours of practice and 10+ years of experience. Through this, he has found what he is successful atconnecting people to one another through the art of recruitment. His talent for recognizing talent has propelled him throughout his career, from running the NY office of Legal Placements, Inc. After a mere 6 months in his first job as a recruiter, to establishing a multi-million-dollar legal recruiting business with The Forum Group during one of the most turbulent economic periods in modern history (he’s really that good.)

Seems like you enjoy a challenge.

Perhaps. I’ve ran three NYC marathons. I also really enjoy biking, soccer (I’m a diehard Arsenal supporter -COYG’s), snowboarding, and SCUBA diving.

So, why Considine Search?

I realized I loved recruiting, but I didn’t love how most places recruit. I was determined that I could do it betterwith more integrity, compassion, and passion. I founded Considine Search in 2012 because I didn’t want to be known as just a recruiterI want to be a partner in the process. I’m really proud of the fact that we’re business partners to our clients and career partners to our candidates. 

In addition to finding remarkable candidates, Kevin’s cultivated a team of remarkable recruiters who represent the best of their fields (he likes to keep the best for himself).

Kevin can be reached at

Corinne McKeever

“A legal juggernaut.”

Corinne knows everyone.

That, and her previous experience managing the paralegal program at Paul, Weiss, gives Corinne an edge in the legal recruiting process. She understands the inner workings of Big Law and the types of employees that excel in these settings. One of the things Corinne loves most about working in recruiting is that she gets to be a liason and resource to both clients and candidatesand it shows. She has a large network of outstanding professionals which she’s developed due to her commitment to authenticity and partnership. It’s vital for Corinne that she develops a relationship with those she works with because she knows the feeling needs to be mutual.

Corinne specializes in the recruitment of Business Development, Communications, and Recruitment/Attorney Development professionals. As for what she does when she’s not helping people craft their careers, Corinne is either hitting the slopes near her home in Crested Butte, dancing (she has a BFA in dance performance), or being an actual superwoman wrangling her four children between a host of extracurricular activities, maintaining a household, keeping everyone well-fed, and herself sane.

Does she sleep? We’re not sure.

Do you have advice for those looking for a job?

Sell yourself in the interview with an authentic honest version of yourself. Review the job description with a critical eye and be prepared to show what you do and do not know. Do not promise something you can’t deliver on when you start the job. Remain positive and convey that you are a team player who can be flexible. Are you the person that the hiring manager wants to work with during a high-volume stressful day? Or late at night when you are finishing a project with a hard deadline? You need to be qualified first and foremost but just as important, they need to like you!

If you could have any job (other than your obvious first choice of recruiting), what would it be?

Radio City Rockettes or Tinker Bell at Disney World when she flies from the castle during the nighttime light show!

Corinne can be reached at

Sherri Rosenthal

“The Organizer”

Sherri is really into people. And Taco Bell.

Sherri has a deep experience with law firms and their unique culture, having worked as an HR Generalist for over 10 years at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft and spending over three years with Sullivan & Cromwell in their Legal Personnel department.

What convinced you to join Considine Search?

Funny story, I was actually a candidate of Corinne’s well before I joined the company. I’ve always known my career should involve making people feel fulfilled and content in their livelihoods. After a decade in HR, I realized that relationships mean something different at Considine Search. Unlike a lot of firms, our primary goal isn’t making placements, but helping candidates create the career of their dreamsand finding firms that will support them in that journey.

What's this about Taco Bell?

So glad you asked. I would, hands down, choose Taco Bell as my last meal if I could. I served it at the after-party of my wedding. People give me Taco Bell gift cards for my birthday.

Seems like you know how to throw a great party. What else should we know?

I earned my undergraduate degree in business from Cornell, I have a wonderful husband and two children, and my favorite movie is Big Business with Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler (she’s got good taste!). It has been my favorite since I was a child, and I would repeatedly rent it from Blockbuster. I’m now a proud owner of the DVD. Their characters are named Sadie and Rose in the movie, and I always dreamed I would have 2 daughters and name them Sadie and Rose. Then I married someone with the last name Rosenthal….

Sherri’s focus at Considine Search is professionals in the Human Resources, Legal Recruitment, DEI, Conflicts, Library/Research, and Paralegal fields.

Sherri can be reached at

Patrick Considine

“The Mixologist”

an unconventional man

Patrick’s path to legal recruiting was unconventional, but then again, Patrick’s an unconventional man.

After spending 20+ years in hospitality—primarily behind the bar at NY institutions P.J. Clarke’s and JG Melon’s—Patrick made the transition into legal recruitment in early 2020 and never looked back. He’d like to point out that bartending and recruiting are quite similar. After all, “it’s the business of getting the right people together and forging lasting relationships (although it’s a little easier when the booze is flowing).”

One of Patrick’s strengths is his ability to craft a story. As a bartender, he explains, you have a unique opportunity to truly see the depths of a person. Patrick prides himself on taking the time to get to understand his candidates, their motivations, and desires for their career path. He believes taking the time to listen closely to the needs of both the client and the candidate is paramount and the way to find success. The match has to be a great fit for all parties.

Patrick’s placement focus is Accounting/Billing, IT professionals, paralegals, and legal admins of all levels.

What's your best advice for those on the job market?

Focus on finding a role that aligns well with your core strengths. Be active but patient. Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you offer.

Favorite movie?

There are far too many to choose from, but Goonies is surely high up on the list.

Patrick can be reached at

Johanne Walker


How'd you end up here?

Like many a legal professional, Johanne pursued International Relations in her undergrad (she would also like to interject here and remind everyone that she also got a degree in Gender Studies, which makes her super duper cool). She joined Ropes & Gray after graduating, with the intention of attending law school. That notion quickly faded (“I like my sleep and my sanity”). Johanne joined Considine Search in January after transitioning out ot her role as a Corporate Paralegal at Cooley. In her current role, she is focused on providing backend support for our recruiters, so they are able to focus on the good stuff: developing relationships with the best candidates in the legal professional services industry and providing top-notch, personalized care to our clients. Johanne has realized she has a passion for operations management, systems thinking (“it’s the actual theory of everything!!!”) and is incredibly excited to grow at CS.

What do you do when you're not being the best dang Legal Operations Coordinator in the business?

Unfortunately for my wallet and the cleanliness of my car, I am, undeniably, a horse girl. My dad grew up on a farm in Kansas and literally rode his first horse to the (one-room) schoolhouse, so at least I come by it honestly! I also like to yell at my partner to look at our cat, Dr. Olivia van Van, DVM (she’s an accomplished kitten.)

What divine wisdom would you like to bestow on job seekers?

Job seeking is an incredibly exhausting process that can really test your self-regard and resolve. My advice is to prioritize self-care, in whatever form that takes (for me, this means literally scheduling it into my calendar). You’re a stronger candidate when you take the time you need to be you.

Dream job?

This has changed a lot over the years! As a kid, I really wanted to be a fashionable spy (I blame Secret Agent Barbie.) Now, I don’t believe that dream jobs exist—but creating a career that you find fulfilling and rewarding is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your community. This is the main reason I’m so delighted to be at CS we’re really good at exactly that!

Johanne can be reached at


“The Hiker”

Broccoli, Celery - gotta be Ellary.

Ellary began her legal career working as a Litigation Paralegal at Ice Miller in the heart of good ole Indiana, where she grew up. After nearly three years at Ice Miller, she made the best decision of her life to pack up and head to Arizona, where she began her recruiting career with Yorkson Legal. That was short lived because Kevin did what Kevin does best—find the best people. Looking for a great team and a place she could call home, she decided to join Considine Search in February 2023. Ellary is excited as ever to work with such an anomalous group. Her recruitment specialty is Corporate Paralegals and Attorneys.

What is one thing that instantly makes your day better?

Coffee, of course!

When did you first feel like an adult?

I’ll let you know when it happens.

Ellary can be reached at

Stephanie Bulthaus

“The Artist”

What do you do at Considine Search?

Stephanie manages attorney recruiting at Considine Search. Her infectious good humor and ability to genuinely connect are some of her greatest strengths. She will spend the time it takes to understand your professional needs (and probably befriend you in the process).

What are your passions?

I’m an artist. My primary mediums are painting, photography, mosiacs, and jewelry. I’m also really into ancient archeology and alternative energy (Wilhem Reich and Nikola Tesla are fascinating). I’m passionate about animals of all kinds. I am currently “Mama” to two very lucky cats. We managed to hit the jackpot when we found each other (the Universe gifts cats, which is the only way to aquire them in my opinion).

I also love music and traveling. I spent much of my younger years following jambands like The Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic on tour. I’ve attended 1000+ concerts and still love to go when possible. My travel bucket list includes Machu Picchu, Pumapunku in Bolivia, and Gobekli Tepe in Anatolia. It’s a good thing recruiters can work from anywhere!

How did you become a recruiter?

I began my recruiting career in 2012 for an exclusive personalized dating service. I realized recruiting was a great fit because I love figuring out what people’s passions are and crafting their stories from the information they give. I joined a former colleague’s recruiting company based out of Charlotte, NC in 2019, where I managed the legal recruiting division. I love being able to craft meaningful partnerships with both our candidates and our firm clients. I also really enjoy negotiating contracts, as it’s the space where you’re able to customize arrangements to meet the needs & wants of all stakeholders.

What drew you to Considine Search?

Honestly, the team is amazing! Everyone here understands the importance of having a great culture in the workplace. They prioritize helping our candidates find a firm that feels like home while providing a great experience. 

Stephanie’s focus at Considine Search is associates of all levels and partner searches. She can be reached at

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