Is Your Application Process Putting Off Potential Employees?

As an employer, you cannot possibly interview every single candidate interested in your job. An efficient application process comes to your help in picking up the right candidate. While resumes give volumes of information about the candidate, at the end of it, a resume is a self-promotion tool for candidates and most of the time, a resume will not give you the information you want for initial screening of candidates. Your application process comes to your rescue in such times. The application process enables employers in initial screening decisions based on uniform information gathered from all job applicants.

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The Dark and Disturbing Secrets HR Doesn’t Want You to Know

I worked in human resources for almost fifteen years at a number of different companies, including a religious-based organization where one of my duties was to teach people how to be appropriate and professional. Yes, I do see the irony in this.

Human resources is the place where people come to complain and/or shoot people when they just can’t take it anymore. Choosing to work in HR is like choosing to work in the complaint department of hell, except way more frustrating, because at least in hell you’d be able to agree that that Satan is a real jerk without having to toe the company line. The HR department is the place where people stop by to say, “THIS IS TOTALLY MESSED UP,” and the HR employees will nod thoughtfully and professionally as they think to themselves, “Wow. That is totally messed up. I wish that this person would leave so I could tell everyone else in the office about it.”

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