New York, NY

As part of a practice team, the Sr. Corporate Paralegal will provide transactional assistance to one very significant corporate client.


  • Prepare AML letters and KYC-friendly structure charts (i.e. depicting fund structures up to SEC-registered entities).
  • Populate FinCEN and Most Sanctioned Countries forms.
  • Entity formation
  • Compliance matters (SOX, Dodd-Frank)
  • Resolutions and incumbency certificates
  • ISDA documentation
  • Preparation of bank account forms and resolutions
  • Certain tax forms
  • Assistance with trade settlements    

Required Skills

  • Familiarity with investment vehicle types (private pooled investment vehicles, special purpose vehicles, alternative investment vehicles, etc.) and basic fund structures.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with counterparties.
  • General knowledge of regulatory requirements for KYC/AML purposes.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Availability to work long hours as needed.
  • Self-motivated and willing to accept responsibilities outside of initial job description.
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to handle multiple tasks.
  • Excellent organizational, computer and documentation skills and an ability to prioritize effectively.
  • Proficient in MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio and related software.
  • Strong interpersonal skills including verbal and written communication are essential in this collaborative work environment.

Salary: $90,000.00-$100,000.00
Date Active: 3.2.2022
Exempt/Not Exempt: Non-Exempt