Senior Case Manager

San Francisco, CA


Case management – Anticipate team needs; originate new team projects; become thoroughly versed in the subject matter for each case; organize and maintain all case documents, electronic and otherwise; arrange for appropriate technology; analyze cost-benefit ratios; organizing staffing needs; staying current with technology and firm initiatives direct and delegate work for junior paralegals; attention to calendaring for each team.

Factual research, cite-checking and proofreading – Under the supervision and direction of firm attorneys, perform factual research on case matters when necessary; under the supervision and direction of firm attorneys, coordination and/or execution of cite-checking and proofreading task.

Trial preparation and support – Review all trial documents (exhibits, designation, etc.); organize all trial materials; maintain case calendar; coordinate with vendors regarding graphics, technical support, reprographics, hotel accommodations, travel, etc.

Trial attendance – preparing courtroom, attendance at court; document management support during trial; research; trial transcript review; updating exhibits lists, demonstratives, etc.; under the supervision and direction of firm attorneys, coordination with other firms, court clerks, court reporters, clients.


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 10+ years’ experience in a paralegal role
  • Experience managing junior paralegals is a plus

Salary: Competitive based on experience
Date Active: 3.09.2021
Exempt/Not Exempt: Non-Exempt