Knowledge Management Attorney – Mergers & Acquisitions

New York, NY

The Knowledge Management Attorney (“KMA”) will partner with the Mergers & Acquisitions practice group to encourage and support the efficient practice of law by facilitating a knowledge-sharing culture. To this end, the KMA is engaged in developing and maintaining resources and establishing best practices to collect and organize internal M&A work product and capture firm experience. In addition, the KMA will create and explore innovative solutions to increase attorney efficiency and provide additional client value.


  • Collaborates with practice group leaders to assess and identify the knowledge needs of the group by attending practice group meetings and facilitating individual one-on-one discussion. Conduct outreach to coordinate regular status updates and check-ins.
  • Cultivates relationships with M&A lawyers to learn their pain points, understand nuance of their work and stay current on issues that will impact their practice.
  • Reviews and analyzes deal documents to identify and memorialize key terms and deal points for purposes of tracking market trends and firm experience. Towards this end, monitors firm’s M&A transactions and corresponds with deals team to solicit precedent submissions and confirmation of transaction details.
  • Supports practice group members with locating key precedent material by identifying and framing legal issues, teaching efficient search techniques, and locating relevant materials using internal and external electronic resources.
  • Trains and mentors practice group members on how to leverage knowledge resources and precedents.
  • Creates and maintains knowledge banks by curating and cataloging work product, market surveys, forms, memos, practice tips, training materials and more. Reviews, refreshes and streamlines legacy taxonomies and facilitates the migration of key document sets to new platform.
  • Implements processes to ensure that practice resources and deal databases remain up-to-date and are catalogued consistently to maintain the integrity of database, ultimately providing lawyers with easy access, to increase efficiency in practice.
  • Facilitates the creation and ongoing maintenance of forms and models and the automation of such documents in collaboration with subject matter experts and Practice & Client Solutions team.
  • Promotes awareness of KM initiatives and solicits practice group participation in the furtherance thereof, including piloting new products or workflows or introducing new ideas.
  • Maintains awareness of legal technology market. Identifies avenues for machine learning, automation and digitization within practice.


  • Juris Doctor. 3+ years of legal experience practicing as an M&A attorney.
  • Familiarity with M&A transaction types, deal documents, structures and terms.
  • Highly organized individual with interest in maintaining knowledge sources and ensuring integrity of data and document management.
  • Interest in working within the intersection of the practice of law and technology to find creative ways to solve business problems.
  • Ability to serve as intermediary between lawyers and technologists to translate practice needs into technical requirements.
  • Hybrid work environment. Flexible working arrangement can be discussed.

Salary: Competitive based on experience
Date Active: 6.16.2022
Exempt/Not Exempt: Exempt