What Are the Five Keys of a Successful Legal Marketing Platform?

What Are the Five Keys of a Successful Legal Marketing Platform?

Thanks to modern technology, firms are able to quickly understand what marketing sources are driving new business, how well the firm is converting new leads, and the areas where there is room for improvement.

Five features to look for in a lead tracking system as described by Jessica Anvar, managing partner of Shainfeld & Anvar,PC, a consumer litigation law firm with headquarters in Los Angeles:

No more tracking leads manually on an excel spreadsheet. Now, when a potential client calls our firm or fills out a contact form on one of our websites, the lead information is automatically entered into a cloud-based lead tracking platform, Avvo Ignite Suite. Since clients can contact our firm in a number of ways, we set up unique tracking phone numbers and unique online contact forms for each lead source, as well as a 24-hour live chat.

When a new lead calls, he is directly connected to our office where the lead tracking platform sends an immediate email to the attorneys, which includes the lead source. This lead source is identified by the unique tracking phone number. All of this information is reflected in an online dashboard which our attorneys and legal staff have open on their computer screens throughout the day. Also, if a new lead submits a contact form instead of making a phone call, the system is programmed to send an auto-email responder to the lead with our contact information. The contact form requires the user to input his name, phone number and/or email address. The lead information is then automatically emailed to us as well as captured in the system’s dashboard. Our attorneys are able to follow up with the client immediately upon receiving the contact information. We also have implemented automatic email drip campaigns. These enable us to immediately respond to a potential new client, even when we are out of the office.

Approximately 98 percent of all of our leads are generated through our online sources. This includes search engine optimization for various websites, several pay per click campaigns through Google and Bing, social media marketing including Facebook and Twitter, and online advertising through services offered by Avvo and Super Lawyers.

Additionally, we receive leads through attorney referral services that are operated by our local county bar associations, and we receive leads through other attorneys and from our previous clients. As I mentioned earlier, we receive hundreds of leads each month from these various marketing channels, but until recently, we didn’t have an easy and efficient way to quantify how well we were doing at converting these leads from the different lead sources. Now, with the use of the lead tracking platform, we know the status of every lead that comes into the firm, including whether or not we are converting the leads into clients.

With our new lead tracking platform, we now get insights that previously we didn’t think were possible. Our marketing is composed of a variety of different channels and our philosophy is to cast a wide net from which we can obtain leads.

We have allocated a budget that is specifically tailored for each of the different lead sources and we now track the leads and conversions that we get from each lead source every month. By doing so, we are able to track our return on investment from each lead source, understand which sources are driving the most business, and as a result, which sources we should invest more resources into and which sources need fine tuning and improvement. With upwards of 20 different marketing channels (both online and offline), we also know which channels are generating new clients — not just leads.

My all-time favorite benefit of this new marketing platform is the comprehensive reporting functionality. At the end of every month, we analyze the leads and conversions we receive from each channel. It is crucial for this data to be accurate, clear and easy to generate. The data enables us to determine which channels have the best ROI, the ones that need fine-tuning and the ones that simply are not working. Month end reporting is no longer an 8-hour chore and instead, with the click of a button, I can see how many leads came in from each marketing source, and how many of these turned into clients. I can also now easily identify the amount of revenue generated by each marketing lead source, and its corresponding return on investment.

Yes, the marketing solution I chose needed to include all of the previous features — and do them well — in one out-of-the-box solution. Implementing our new legal marketing platform went smoothly and we currently have all members of the firm using the solution.

Modernizing our law firm has been an eye-opening experience. Most attorneys don’t understand how to manage their marketing and lead tracking processes. They don’t have the time, don’t see the need or don’t understand how technology can make it better. Implementing new technology takes time and patience, but when done right, you can get back (far more than) every dollar you put in.

Source: The Recorder

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