We Should All Be Nicer To Our Paralegals

We Should All Be Nicer To Our Paralegals

We Should All Be Nicer To Our Paralegals

Law firms routinely abuse paralegals. You remember the paralegals, right? They’re the fresh-faced youngsters who inexplicably think it might help their future legal career to spend a couple of years compiling binders full of documents that lawyers will look at once and discard. Or most likely forget about and make the paralegal do again four months hence. At least they make overtime when caught in the thresher maw. But other than a slight bump in pay, paralegals don’t get much appreciation for doing all the tasks lawyers would never be caught dead doing at 2:00 a.m.

Here’s a refresher on how much it sucks to be a paralegal….

Our friends at Legal Cheek compiled a bunch of memes to describe the job of a paralegal.

But don’t worry, just because the job is difficult isn’t going to stop the lawyers from throwing you under the bus.

I definitely saw this one a lot over the years. It’s so unnecessary. The associate is going to get yelled at anyway, so what’s the point dragging the paralegal into it? Leave the kid in peace.

Or if you’re going to make fun of them, at least have the courtesy to do it behind their back.

Legal Cheek has a few more memes up, so check those out. They inspired me to create one of my own.

Thanks paralegals for all the horrible drudgery I made you do over the years!


Source: Above the Law

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