Trending: Law Firms Turn to Bitcoin

Trending: Law Firms Turn to Bitcoin

There was big news last week when a major New York law firm (started in the 18th century) decided to accept bitcoin. They’re McLaughlin & Stern, and their big reason for adopting the digital currency was to be on the “cutting edge of law and technology.”

Other firms may have taken notice.

Another New York law firm, NS Wasserstein & Associates, PLLC, has announced they they too have joined the bitcoin train by accepting the digital currency for services rendered in effort to get “ahead of the curve.”

“Digital currencies are here to stay,” said Nat Wasserstein of the firm. “”Not only that, but they’re set to play a big part of commerce going forward not only in the online world, but in the real world as well.”

“Legislators and lawyers tend to be late-stage adopters to innovation. Bitcoins are real currency, and are already playing an important role in business and the economy. Our clients are driven, Internet and technology savvy, and they’re increasingly expecting us to innovate and move forward with or even ahead of the curve. Accepting Bitcoins just makes good sense,” he said.

The firm says they recognize that bitcoin is here to stay, and embraces this shift in payment solutions, adding that many firms will be “out in the cold” due to insufficient adoption in the legal sector.

Source: NewsBTC

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