Top Law Schools Where You Can Party

Top Law Schools Where You Can Party


Once again, it’s time to check out the law school scene:

Best law schools for partying. I’m not sure this should be the basis for your choice of law schools but what the heck? recently came out with its list of law schools for the best social life. Among the top 10 (hat tip: Above the Law):
1. University of Florida (9.65 stars)
2. University of Colorado at Boulder (9.49 stars)
3. University of Texas at Austin (9.46 stars)
4. University of Georgia (9.33 stars)
5. University of Alabama (9.24 stars)
6. Washington University in St. Louis (9.23 stars)
7. University of Virginia (9.19 stars)
8. Northwestern University (9.17 stars)
9. University of Miami (9.15 stars)
10. University of San Francisco (9.14 stars)

What’s interesting about this list is that some schools have very respectable academic reputations. Three academic standouts are U Va, Northwestern and University of Texas, which are all ranked in the top 15 by U.S. News & World Report. That way, you can even get a decent job while you chug down your beer.
And if you’re willing to dive deeper on the fun list, the options really open up. Among the top 10 law schools that allow for a decent social life are Michigan, Stanford, Duke and NYU (they are ranked #12, 13, 14 and 15, respectively, on the social scale). And if you compromise a bit more, you can go to numero uno Yale, which gets a respectable #25 for quality of socializing.

All things considered, why bother with Harvard?

In case you’re thinking of going to law school in Arizona (for unfathomable reasons): There’s another law school sale going on. This time, the University of Arizona is cutting out-of-state tuition from $38,841 to to $29,000 (residents will pay about $24,000).

According to our friends at The Faculty Lounge, that could be a sign of a regional price war:
At Arizona State Law, non-residents were paying over $41,000 this year. Given that the two schools are pursuing substantially similar applicants, it looks like a bit of a tuition war is heating up in the desert. Will this change the actual tuition flowing in to the University of Arizona law school or will money simply move from merit aid to across-the-board cuts? Will ASU match the cut?

Such suspense. Academically, Arizona State beats U of A (#31 and #40, respectively, according to U.S. News). Although Arizona State is more expensive of the two (as of this post), it also ranks among the top 25 law schools for socializing (it is #23), whereas U of A didn’t make it.
So is the extra $12,000 worth it for a happier social life? I think so. Think of the therapy bills you’ll save later on in life.

Source: The American Lawyer

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