The “Myth” of Job Searching During the World Cup

The “Myth” of Job Searching During the World Cup

If you live in one of the many countries in the world in which the FIFA World Cup raises all the attention of the public and media, you might have heard that “the whole country stops”, “no business is concluded before the World Cup ends” and, quite often, that the job market is stalled during such events.

In my case, I live in Brazil, where the World Cup is being hosted as I write. To a certain extent, the above statements could be considered as true. Plenty of companies, courts and local government offices “slowed down their pace” due to the event. In cities such as Rio, to facilitate the flow of tourists, even a few “day-offs” were scheduled. The Brazilian cities which are hosting games are crammed with happy and joyful tourists, eager for the emotion that only a competition this big can provide.

However, in my personal experience, I think there is not a better time to look for new opportunities, even in a difficult job market. First of all, certain opportunities will not cease to exist because of a sporting event. Business moves on regardless of which games are on TV. So, you should be ready to keep up during this season. And if you work on sports business, events such as the World Cup become great opportunities to network, meet & greet with colleagues and even get down to business.

Also, this may not be the time when recruiters have thousands of emails and appointments to go through. A less-cluttered agenda or inbox could lead to more chances of your e-mail being seen, and there is always a “post-World Cup” feeling that the job market could lighten up again (at least in countries such as Brazil). So, if you network earlier, your chances may be better than of those who are waiting for the games to end.

And finally, you should not neglect the fact that you can avail the opportunity of certain matches to watch them along with friends, colleagues and supporters of the same squad. For example, I am sure that several Brazilians living abroad are getting together to watch games on sports bars. If you are looking for a job, or an opportunity, any chances to get together with friends can be interesting – not only to network but mostly to “chill out” and have that very necessary break from the thrills of job searching.

So, don’t believe the myth that the world stops during the World Cup. The pace may slow down a bit, but not the opportunities. And just between us, #IfIWere22 I’d definitely be here in Brazil watching the games and experiencing all the fun of the #WorldCup, live !!

And since I am no longer 22, I am still on with my job searching and networking efforts, regardless of the World Cup thrills ( Spain disqualified, what a surprise !! ).

Have any questions or comments ? Is the fascination for football and the World Cup that exists in Brazil the same in your country or your area of business ?? Feel free to send them down in the comments section below. Feedback has been great and let’s keep in touch, while this debate flows.

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