The Need to Spot Fake vs. Real Performers in an Interview

Spotting fake performers in interviews is a real troubling question with companies these days. Due to the tight economy and heavy restructuring in companies, it has been proved beyond dispute that poor performers or problem performers can really kill a company, and good performers carry a company on their shoulders. The problem recruiters are facing is that candidates have become extremely interview-savvy. 

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This Is the Absolute Biggest Mistake You Can Make on Your Resume

If you haven’t updated your résumé in ages, it probably contains this error

If you’re looking for a job and not paying attention to what font you use on your résumé, you’re making a big mistake.
It’s true that most of us don’t go around thinking about fonts, which is the way it should be when it comes to showcasing your professional accomplishments. If a font gets noticed, it’s almost always in a bad way. Here are experts’ tips for avoiding this.

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Every Legal Secretary Has A War Story

Almost every firm has at least one: an attorney who cannot keep a secretary.

In the old days, that particular partner (and it is almost always a partner) would get a new secretary each day, rotating in from the steno pools. How do today’s office administrators handle the abusive, persnickety or just downright rude attorney?

One secretarial manager claims only to have encountered this once in her long career. Her answer? ‘He’ll work without an assistant.’ She said that type of behavior is not tolerated. I think her firm is in the minority.

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4 Takeaways from the #LMA15 Panel of GC [LMA Recap]

A 3-person panel of GCs made a noticeable impact on attendees at the 2015 LMA Conference. In many ways it proved to be a focus group of sorts for the very people charged with helping law firms win new business, which originates with the corporate legal department.

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What’s in a Name? 3 Steps For Negotiating a Job Title Promotion-“Advocating for yourself is incredibly important for your career growth”

Constantly thinking ahead in your career is incredibly important. According to Business Insider, your 20s is the best time to make career changes.

“Move quickly when you get the sense that something isn’t right in your career. In your 20s there is relatively little cost/risk to pulling up roots and relocating, or restarting your career in a different direction. Do this fearlessly and immediately,” cites the article.

Career development isn’t just about getting a raise and being promoted but it is about knowing when to request a title change.

A title change can mean a lot when looking for a new job. It indicates that you have grown in your position and that you show initiative. Many times recruiters look for keywords on resumes and if you don’t have the correct term “coordinator” or “manager,” then your resume may never even be seen, so your job title does more than you may think.

At my current job, I have had two successful title changes because I advocated for myself and showed that my work fit better with a different title.

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6 Types Of Document Reviews That Every Reviewer Has Seen

If you’ve been around the block in the world of document review you start to notice some patterns. No matter what the subject matter of the review or how illustrious the law firm involved may be, some things just remain the same. Here’s a roundup of the 6 types of document review projects that are all too familiar.

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How to win against every kind of bad boss there is

Bad bosses contaminate the workplace. Some do so obliviously, while others smugly manipulate their employees, using them as instruments of their own success. Regardless of their methods, bad bosses cause irrevocable damage to their companies and employees by hindering performance and creating unnecessary stress.

The stress your boss causes is bad for your health. Multiple studies have found that working for a bad boss increases your chance of having a heart attack by as much as 50%.

Even more troubling is the number of bad bosses out there. Gallup research found that 60% of government workers are miserable because of bad bosses. In another study 69% of US workers compared bosses with too much power to toddlers with too much power.

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Big Law’s Top 10 Law Schools

This is almost as boring as the Oscars: For the second year in a row, Columbia Law School got the top prize for sending the highest rate (66.24 percent) of graduates into first-year associate positions at the nation’s 250 largest firms.

According to National Law Journal’s freshly released list of go-to schools, Columbia is the school that Big Law adores:
Columbia’s gain was especially impressive considering that its graduating class was larger by 31 students than in 2013. White-shoe law firms Cravath, Swaine & Moore and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom alone hired a combined 37 Columbia graduates.

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