Interviewing But Not Getting The Job? Maybe You Aren’t Doing The Right Prep Work

Interviewing But Not Getting The Job? Maybe You Aren’t Doing The Right Prep Work

Why is analyzing and understanding the job requirements such a big deal? Because when you fully understand these you can position yourself much better as the candidate that should be hired. So if you’re going to a lot of job interviews but not getting the job, you might not be doing enough of the right preparation work.

To improve your odds of obtaining a job, complete these six actions before you even apply:

Download and examine the job description. Carefully read it several times and make sure you fully understand it.

Find the gaps. Analyze your knowledge, skills, experience, education and attitude against the job requirements to see how you compare and to look for gaps.

Highlight key words. Read through the job description again and highlight the key words used to describe the job and requirements.

Customize your résumé. Using the highlighted key words, tailor your résumé to that specific job in a way that showcases your skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to the requirements.

Brainstorm interview questions. Look at the job description again and brainstorm questions the interviewer might ask to find out how your background fits the job requirements. Then practice your answers out loud.

Determine clarifying questions. If you find you don’t understand something listed on the job description or requirements, think about questions you could ask the hiring manager to obtain clarification once you’re in the interview.

Source: Forbes

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