How To Showcase Your Personal Brand In A Job Interview

How To Showcase Your Personal Brand In A Job Interview

A personal brand is your distinct talents and what you represent. It’s what people say about you when you’re not around, and how you’re positioned in the marketplace. These days everyone has a personal brand, whether you are a celebrity, business person or student.

The experts recommend viewing yourself as a company and creating a strong online presence. Since the world around us is brand driven, candidates looking for a job must take a new approach if they wish to get noticed.

Here are a few ways in which you can best showcase your personal brand during the interview process:

–Before the interview, research the company. Who are they? What types of services do they provide? Who are their clients? Then, prepare for every possible question and know your resume. “Seek out opportunities to practice your interviewing skills with others through mock interviews.” Next, prepare questions to ask the interviewer. Remember that interviewing is a two-way street—and your questions might say something about who you are and your personal brand.

–Come to the interview with a personal branding toolkit, which should include a business card, cover letter, resume, references document, and, if you’re in a creative field, a portfolio of work. “Each part of your toolkit should have a link to either your website or LinkedIn profile. By doing this, you are viewed as someone who has come prepared, are thoughtful and understand how to sell yourself.”

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