Flex Time Beats Cash In Legal Recruiting, Survey Finds

Flex Time Beats Cash In Legal Recruiting, Survey Finds

Money talks, but lawyers’ desire for other perks like flex time is drowning out cash as a workplace incentive, according to a survey released Thursday.

Nearly seven in 10 lawyers included flexible work hours or the ability to telecommute among the best perks for recruiting or retaining legal pros, according to an industry survey.

A related finding about the top incentives for luring lawyers to jump jobs also put money far below less concrete rewards like leadership opportunities and the ability to do more interesting work.

Just 14 percent put more money among the best tools for recruiting or retaining legal talent, according to the survey conducted last month, while half listed free or subsidized training or education among their most desired workplace perks. A third included on-site amenities like gyms, child care and cafeterias.

Cash did manage to beat out several other perks, including free food, matching charitable contributions, and good retirement programs like pensions and 401(k) matching programs. Just 3 percent included work environment and culture in their responses.

A separate question about incentives to entice job jumpers also indicated cash is outdistanced by several other workplace benefits.

When asked about incentives most likely to entice lawyers to take a new job with another law firm or company, the biggest percentage — 25 percent — listed leadership or advancement opportunities, more than two-and-a-half times the percentage that included a bigger salary, bonuses, or stock.

Fourteen percent included more interesting work as a primary motivator for a job move, slightly more than those listing flex time or telecommuting.

Source: Law360

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