Are Podcasts the Answer to Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy?

Are Podcasts the Answer to Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy?

Lavelle Law Ltd., is one of those businesses that do podcasts well: The firm has received as many as 3,500 hits on its most popular podcasts, and although Founding Partner Kerry Lavelle admits that linking business to specific podcasts is difficult he is more than happy with the results.

Besides, the firm’s out-of-pocket cost of producing a podcast is near zero.

That fact alone should make podcast possibilities intriguing.

At its simplest, a podcast is do-it-yourself broadcasting, a digital audio, or video, file that individuals interested in the topic can search, download and listen to (or watch).

The firm has produced 200 podcasts. Recent subject matter has ranged from DUI breath testing to real estate appraisals and trademark protections.

Content is aimed at consumers, not the legal community. “What we’re trying to do is get 15 minutes of legal information out to the public,” Lavelle says. “We’re trying to be civic-minded.”

At the same time, Lavelle is aware that the podcasts “help with branding.”

Staff lawyers come up with podcast topic ideas and serve as guest experts interviewed by Mitchell. “Our attorneys suggest new topics in their fields, and we vet and disseminate the information,” Lavelle says.

Although Lavelle Law has chosen a no-cost production package from BlogTalkRadio, there is an indirect time cost for firm attorneys who research material and prepare for the podcast, and a direct monthly consulting fee, which includes the podcast, from Mitchell. There’s also that essential question every podcaster must answer: Is anyone listening?

“We use our Constant Contact lists to send email blasts,” Lavelle says. Firm email signature blocks include icons from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where the podcasts are promoted, and a BlogTalkRadio icon.

Source: Daily Herald

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